Art Classes Available on site at Ross Art and Craft


Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays : 10.30am - 12.30pm
Thursday : 7pm - 9pm

From £5 per person

Private Tuition also available


Not everything is Black and White

My name is Ross Slater-Finch and I am the owner of Ross Art and Craft. I opened my business in November 1999, bringing a much needed art and craft shop to my local area. At that time I was the only one for miles around, but as the years have gone by I am no longer alone!!! I now have direct competition within my town, let alone the big companies on retail and business parks just a car ride away, but of course the largest threat to my little shops survival is that of the Internet. People nowadays will either make a trip out to a large hobby or art store at a weekend or shop within the comforts of their own home on the Internet and have it delivered to their door. Very few people shop in their local little town anymore, making businesses like mine a dying breed. Without the footfall through the door, businesses of all varieties are dying and we perhaps need to do something about it. I have opened this website and Facebook shop in the hopes to encourage my local customer base to check my little shop out first before heading to the retail park or international websites and see what I can offer you first. Obviously I can't possibly stock as much range as the vast warehouses of retail chains and online stores, but my little shop may just surprise you as to what we can offer you. Please think of us first if you live within my area or even if you don't, our little shops can't survive without your support - Thank you in advance.