The Art Mentor - Volume One

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Ross Slater-Finch is a trusted and experienced art mentor who has been teaching people of all ages to draw and paint for over 20 years. This book gives you the opportunity to benefit from her expansive knowledge in the art field and teach you all the skills you need to draw and paint.

This book brings together all the skills and lessons Ross has used over the years to teach her students to draw and paint and will now  help you on your way to becoming a better artist. 

Each lesson will help you build new skills, add to those you have already learnt and give you the confidence in your own skills to create artworks you can be proud of.

You will work through a whole range of basic skill lessons across a variety of mediums that will gradually build up your skills and knowledge and help you become satisfied and confident in your artwork.

Lessons contained in the book are as follows;

LESSON ONE - The Curious Process of Drawing What You See

LESSON TWO - Taking Control With the Right Side

LESSON THREE -  Relaxing Your Grip

LESSON FOUR - Graded Shading

LESSON FIVE - The Theory of Colour

LESSON SIX - Light and Shade

LESSON SEVEN - Introduction to Watercolour

LESSON EIGHT - Complimentary Colours

LESSON NINE - Simple Landscape Using Watercolour Washes

LESSON TEN -  The Art of Crosshatching

LESSON ELEVEN - Blending Watercolour Pencils

LESSON TWELVE - Autumn Leaves in Watercolour Pencil

LESSON THIRTEEN - Combining Watercolour paints and pencils

Book Details;

Reading Age : All ages
Number of Pages : 82
Language : English
Dimensions : 15 x 21 x 1 cm
Binding : Wire Bound
Publisher : Bookvault
Publication Date : 5/3/2024