Painting China by Mary Fellows

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Beautifully decorated china is an asset to any home, and china and ceramics that you have designed and painted yourself have a unique quality that makes them even more special. Instead of searching for commercially made ornaments and tableware, buy inexpensive plain china pieces and paint them yourself, choosing a favourite design or colourscheme to match the style of your home. The enjoyment you get from your personalized china pieces will last well beyond the initial fun of painting: today's paints give results that are durable and washable, and mean that you can use your decorated china for practical use as well as for decoration and display. The 20 projects include star-studded espresso cups and saucers as well as bathroom accessories and a child's teatime set. Each project is presented step-by-step, with full-colour photographs to show clearly how each stage should progress. Painting China provides everything you need to produce your own highly distinctive ceramics and bring a touch of individuality to your home.