Magicfly Pouring Acrylics

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[Pre-mixed Pouring Paint] The Acrylic Pouring Paint lets you start your creative and artistic ideas anytime. You do not need to buy other mediums for mixing since this paint is already pre-mixed with the right consistency for easy blending.

[Multiple Vibrant ColoursThe Acrylic Pouring Paint is Available in 29 colors of paint in themes of classic, metallic and neon.

[Endless CreativityThe Acrylic Pouring Paint can work on most surfaces like canvas, glass, wood, tiles or stone, perfectly creating an original fluid art, abstract painting, DIY projects and more. Suited for beginners, art enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists.

[Easy to UseThe Acrylic Pouring Paint requires no medium to mix and makes the pouring of paint easy and convenient. Simply pour the pre-mixed paint on a container with different color combination and spill it over the canvas and allow the paint to spread for a very unique artwork and finish.

[Premium & Safe PaintThe Acrylic Pouring Paint are non-toxic and safe to the skin. It is made of an environment friendly paint that has professional art grade quality containing just the right ratio as a pouring medium and ensuring consistent paint flow.