Jakar Multi-function 360º Rotating Cutting Mat

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The cutting mat eliminates the need for you to turn your project, making it easier and more convenient for special cuts and simplifies multiple cuts. The mat gives you grids and measurements for more accuracy, this is a must-have for paper crafting, sewing, home crafts and much more. The cutting mat is ideal for protecting your surfaces from the wear-and-tear of your projects and will also ensure high quality, clean cuts for a variety of materials and the 360 ˚ rotation ensures the best angle for every cut you make.

  • 30 x 30cm grid in 1cm squares
  • 30 ˚, 45 ˚ and 60 ˚ angle guidelines
  • 15 & 25cm diameter circle guides
  • Simplifies multiple shape cuts
  • Use just like a conventional cutting mat