Dual Tip Brush Pens

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  • Flexible, soft brush tip for shading and colouring; With a 0.4mm fine point tip with metal coating for contours and details, you can instantly switch between the thick, bold lines of the super tips and the precise lines of the ultra fine point tips without having to change pens.
  • These brush colour pencils are equipped with fine, soft nylon bristles (approx. 2 mm) so that the ink can gently roll off the tips to prevent fraying and bleeding of the ink. By changing the brush pressure, you can achieve medium or strong brushstrokes, styles, sketches and patterns, whatever you choose. Our fine tips are 0.4 mm in size and perfect when precision is required.
  • These watercolour pens are made from water-based ink, are acid-free and non-toxic. All brushes and fine-liners work with no skipping or ink flow issues, no matter what you're working on. Ink dries quickly and doesn't smudge.
  • Perfect for Fine Art, Bullet Journal, Den Journal, Journal Lines, Note Sketch Books, Biblical Notes, Maths Books, Homework, Invoices, Calendar Brush Labels, Art Calligraphy and Illustrations, Watercolour Illustrations and more - Thanks to the coloured cap design, you can easily recognize and identify each colour.
  • 100 colours to choose from - colours are numbered on the colour chart.