Design and Make Your Own A4 Sketchbook

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Want a sketchbook that has a variety of art     papers rather than a sketchbook for each type of paper you need. Well now you can with this sketchbook that you can design and build yourself.
Choose what papers go into it and what covers it has, from printed and plain fabric cover, handmade paper cover or just a plain grey board cover that you can cover and decorate yourself. (Covers listed are priced per cover. You can then mix and match your front and back covers or have both the same).

Choose the types of papers and the number of pages you want in your sketchbook from a wide variety of choices and then they are all put together with three binding rings which also give you the option of adding and removing papers as you need to.


Build the sketchbook with the papers that you would like from this list of options;

  • Watercolour paper 350gsm - superb acid free suitable for watercolour, printing and all wet media. NOT finish.
  • All Media cartridge paper 160gsm and 220gsm - excellent even texture and versatile matt finish. Acid free, sized for wet strength.
  • Acrylic painting paper 360gsm - primed matt surface, ideal for acrylic paint.
  • Oil painting paper 240gsm - primed linen textured surface. Acid free.
  • Brown ribbed kraft paper 88gsm - provides excellent surface for charcoal, pastels and soft pencil.
  • Heavy weight tracing paper 160gsm - good quality paper with an even tone.
  • Grid paper 120gsm - 2 sided sectional paper hat offers both metric and imperial grids. 
  • Sugar paper black or grey 140gsm - 100% recycled.
  • Textured pastel paper 160gsm - acid free 40% cotton paper with textured surface. Ideal for pastels, graphite, charcoal and wet media.
  • Toned papers grey or tan 140gsm - ecological paper made with organic waste using hydro electric power. Carbon neutral. Great for pastels and a wide range of drawing media. 
  • Coloured papers 135gsm - superior quality paper with a Matt surface. 

We would suggest that you add no more than 50 pages to your sketchbook with the standard binding rings. For more than 50 pages we would advise you to add the extra large binding rings option to your cart. Standard binding rings are 25mm in diameter. Extra large are 50mm in diameter.