Cernit Polymer Oven Bake Clay

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Cernit is a pliable, elastic oven-hardening polymer modelling clay that cures to a lovely porcelain-like finish. Cured in an oven at 100-130 °C. Baking time depends on the size and thickness of the object.

Cernit polymer clay can be moulded, sculpted, used with or without tools, textured, printed or mixed with stones, pearls, feathers, mica powders, paints, and more. After baking, the clay is waterproof and it can be baked several times if you wish to add bits to your work.

It offers a wide range of colours which are either 50% or 100% opaque, which is listed next to the colour name in the drop down menu (100% unless stated otherwise) and on Cernit's website. 
Cernit comes as a 56g block.

If your not sure about whether Cernit will be as good as the more well known brands of Polymer Clay, here is a review of Cernit by The Blue Bottle Tree (

Cernit polymer clay, which is made in Belgium, is a high quality, professional clay that I am happy to recommend. Here are the highlights.

  • Number One range is an excellent all-purpose brand of polymer clay
  • Cernit Opaline is a half-translucent line of colors
  • Wide range of 80+ colors including translucent, pearl, metallic, stone, neon, and doll
  • Translucent is very, very clear and comes in several bright, saturated colors
  • Easy to work with, soft, smooth, stretchy when raw
  • Can become sticky when overworked, let it rest a few minutes
  • Temperature-sensitive so not great for those in hot climates and with hot hands
  • Can be extruded, sculpted, shaped like any other polymer clay
  • Not the best for precise caning, but does make nice “sculptural” canes
  • Very strong and flexible after baking
  • Takes paints, surface treatments, and varnish well
  • Sands and buffs beautifully
  • Beautiful, dark, mica shift is possible
  • High quality, professional clay that is good for almost any technique
  • Best for: All-around clay work, jewelry, hand sculpting
  • All in all, Cernit is one of the best polymer clays out there!