Pergamano Tinta Set

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15 x 30ml jars of Pergamano Tinta Inks including; yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, turquoise, leaf green, green, brown, black, white, gold, silver and copper.

1 x 30ml jar of Pergamano Syicky Ink.

1 x 10ml bottle Dorso Oil.

1 x 25ml Perga Glue.

Tinta is a waterbased ink and is used for tracing of patterns or the painting of motifs on parchment paper and vellum. The ink has a mat finish and can be mixed with pintura and pints Perla paints.

Sticky Ink is ideal for applying glitter to your projects. Apply with the mapping pen for a very detailed result. Dries transparent.

Dorso oil was especially developed for the dorsing technique. With this technique you add colour to the parchment paper using the dorso crayons and dorso oil. A small droplet of dorso oil on a tissue suffices to spread the colour of the dorso crayon across the parchment paper.

Perga glue is a glue especially developped for parchment paper. The glue dries transparent and becomes practically invisible after drying. It is the ideal glue to apply strass stones, beads, ribbons and other decorations to your piece. This requiresonly a minimum amount of perga glue. With the extra fine portioning nozzle you can apply small droplets to the parts to be glued.