Perfect Layers - Matting Tool

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Perfect Layers™, often called Perfect Layers Rulers, are patented tools that enable you to create perfectly straight, perfectly spaced, perfectly layered effects, on all your paper-crafting projects, with NO MEASURING needed.

The Perfect Layers technology has a patented “catch lip”, that simply hooks onto the edge of the image and produces the precise border measurement you want.

Using a standard craft knife or rotary cutter, cut along the stainless steel edge of the Perfect Layers tool. Simply follow the tool edge along all sides of your picture or project, and you have a perfectly matted or framed result.

With three different Perfect Layers tools, you can create 10 different sized layers. The measurements range from 1/16th of an inch, all the way up to 1 inch, for perfect borders, mats, frames and layers on all your paper-crafting projects.