ART CLASSES - Monday class currently has spaces and in this class we are running through the basics of Acrylics from 14th January to 18th February. The class is £7.50 per person and starts at 10.30am.

CRAFT CLASS - This class starts back on Thursday 10th January, 10.30am - 12.30pm and is from £5.00 a session. The classes are as follows;

10th January - Introduction to Bullet Journalling : Basics of creating your own Bullet Journal - How to get started and ideas for pages to create.

17th January - Card Templates : Showing you seven different card shapes, from cascade to Pyramids. Templates for all seven shapes.

24th January - Introduction to Printmaking : Making a print plate using Quickprint Foam and turning it into a print with inks and rollers.

31st January - Silk Clay : Silk Clay is a child safe, no mess, easy blend, easy use, light air dry clay that you can use just like polymer clay.

CRAFT PASS : Save yourself up to £2.50 a session with our Craft Pass. A Craft Pass is available for anyone attending our Craft Class. Instead of paying £7.50 a class, why not pay £25 for a craft pass which covers you for 4 classes or £40 for 8 classes. Each pass is valid for 3 months, so you can use them all in consecutive classes or pick and choose which weeks to come within the 3 month period. 

For further information or to check availability for a class, please use the contact box below.